The Crisis in American Democracy: webinar & civics toolkit


Scott Simon

Host of Weekend Edition, National Public Radio


Dick Simpson

Professor of Political Science, University of Illinois at Chicago

Author of Democracy’s Rebirth: The View From Chicago

Angelique Power

President & CEO, Skillman Foundation

Elizabeth Matto

Director, Center for Youth Participation, Eagleton Institute, Rutgers University

Co-editor of Teaching Civic Engagement Globally

What is driving American democracy’s contemporary crisis? Even more urgently, what are solutions and strategies Americans can pursue to revitalize their democracy? Moderated by NPR’s Scott Simon, this May 10th, 2022 webinar, “The Crisis in American Democracy,” discusses the challenges confronting Americans in their struggle to build a multiracial, multiethnic democracy. The webinar opens with a short presentation from political scientist Dick Simpson charting how income and racial inequality, money in politics, polarization, nonparticipation, corruption, and constitutional design are all contributing to contemporary American democratic backsliding. Following this short presentation our panelists discuss strategies, reform measures, and existing grassroots organizations engaged in the struggle to create a more participatory and deliberative democracy. This webinar can be used to inspire class lectures.  Clips or the entire webinar can also be shown in class to begin discussions of the crises facing our democracy.

Event Co-Sponsors:

University of Illinois System Institute of Government and Public Affairs

University of Illinois Press

American University’s Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies

The Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University

American Political Science Association

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