Education Politics and Policy in the US – Course Materials

Published: Aug 5, 2022
Contributor: Austin Barraza

License: CC BY NC SA 4.0 license – Allows revisions and additions but forbids commercial use.

This resource contains course materials for Education Politics and Policy in the US. This course explores the history and expansion of public education in the United States, with particular attention to the role of the federal and state governments in setting primary and secondary education policy. It is designed as an online asynchronous course for primarily third and fourth-year undergraduates, though can easily be retooled for a graduate level course if needed.

The resource contains the following materials: A course syllabus (in both .docx and .pdf formats), course assignments (in .docx), and course handouts (in .docx). A link to the course shell on the Canvas Commons is also included. This shell includes all of the materials mentioned above plus discussion questions, readings in .pdf format, and links to videos.

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