Collection: Syllabus, Assignment & Rubric for Intro to International Relations

Published: Dec 2, 2020
Contributor: Elizabeth Nash

License: CC BY 4.0 license – Allows all uses and revisions, including commercial use with attribution.

Included in this collection there are three documents designed for an Intro to International Relations course. The first document is a syllabus. The course is developed alongside the following textbook: Greico, Ikenberry, Mastanduno, Introduction to International Relations: Perspectives, Connections, and Enduring Questions, Red Globe Press, 2nd Edition 2019. The second document is a role play/simulation designed around the Iranian Nuclear Program where students must construct a policy position from the point of view of the ‘actor’ they represent and to negotiate this policy with the other ‘actors’. Each student is allocated approximately three minutes to put forward their position, after which general discussion/negotiations take place in attempt to achieve a resolution. The role play takes a minimum of 60 minutes. The third document is a rubric that is used to assess the students’ contribution to the role play including level of preparation, ability of the student to listen and respond appropriately, oral presentation and timing.

Keywords: international relations, international relations syllabus, international relations simulation, rubric, simulation, simulation rubric, Iran nuclear program, nuclear program, Iran, UN Security Council, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, treaties, international treaties, role play, international relations role play, Model United Nations

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