Moving Online in a Hurry

March 30, 2020

A pandemic sweeps the country, and you find yourself transitioning to an online learning management system when for half a semester, your classes met on campus. You haven’t trained to be an online teacher, but now you are required to teach online. How do you do your work, support your students, and get to the end of the semester intact? This cheat-sheet offers some suggestions to get you going, but by no means does it cover the nuances of online instruction. Let’s just get to the end of the semester!

Civic engagement online image

Civic Action Projects for Your 100% Online (Covid-19 Adapted) Courses

March 25, 2020

Elizabeth Bennion, PhD, Professor of Political Science at Indiana University South Bend   Can civic literacy and engagement be promoted in 100% online courses, even in the midst of a social distancing campaign that requires students to stay largely confined to their homes? In an original PS Now essay Judithanne McLauchlan and I explain how civic learning…

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