Teaching Race, Ethnicity, and Politics: Asian American, Pacific Islanders Inclusive Teaching Resources

In a context where hate crimes and discrimination against Asian Americans continues to rise, Michelle Deardorff, Linda Hasunuma, and Julie Lee Merseth have created a set of resources for educators to use to shine a light on the politics of this often-overlooked group. This toolset includes readings and media exploring Asian American feminism, Asian American elected officials, important federal court cases around Asian Americans, and the role of political activism in the Asian American community. The authors also discuss a set of best practices to create an inclusive environment for Asian Americans/Pacific Islander students.

curation from Julie Lee Merseth (Northwestern University), Linda Hasunuma (Temple University), and Michelle Deardorff (University of Tennessee, Chattanooga) 

AAPI Law & Politics Resources

Michelle Deardorff, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Asian American Studies Syllabus

Example course syllabus from Pei-te Lien, University of California, Santa Barbara

Asian American Politics and Rased-Based Political Activisim

Julie Lee Merseth, Northwestern University

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