Teaching Race, Ethnicity, and Politics: a teaching & learning symposium collection

APSA's Teaching & Learning program brought twelve political science educators together in April 2022 to workshop strategies to integrate lessons on Race, Ethnicity, and Politics into undergraduate courses.

Our symposium provided a space for political scientists to share pedagogical theories, techniques to teach about members of underrepresented groups, and active learning exercises designed to communicate the significance of identity and racial inequality in our institutions and behavior. The presentations and discussions highlighted several issues including teaching race at predominately white institutions, incorporating and centering lessons on people of color, the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender, and other forms of identity; connecting popular culture to make lessons around racial and ethnic politics more accessible to a variety of audiences; and reimagining the way we teach and talk about race in our classrooms.

Please browse, use, and, if inspired, contribute your own materials.

Natalie Masuoka

co-facilitator | University of California, Los Angeles

Christopher Stout

co-facilitator | Oregon State University

Race, Ethnicity and Politics is a...

Race, ethnicity and politics is a research subfield in the American Political Science Association representing a body of scholarship that seeks to center the role of race and ethnicity in the formation and implementation of governmental institutions and, in turn, understanding the inequalities that have manifested in society and politics as a result. An important dimension of this scholarship is the centering of communities of color in political science theories and designing analyses that better capture diverse populations. Much of this research intervenes in the study and theories generated to explain politics in the United States but newer research has also been integrated into the study of other countries or transnational spaces.

In this Symposium Collection

The following resources represent a collaborative effort from the symposium participants aimed at providing tools for political scientists who want to teach topics related to race, ethnicity and politics.

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