Teaching Introduction to American Politics

"Our symposium workshopped an Introduction to American Government course allowing students to see politics as something that requires their active participation."
 Casey Dominguez (San Diego University) and Elizabeth Norell (Chattanooga State Community College), symposium co-facilitators

a teaching & learning special collection

In March 2022 APSAs' Teaching & Learning program brought 15 political science educators together to workshop the American Government and Politics undergraduate course. Across three days these scholar-educators presented teaching resources, discussed the state-of-the discipline, workshopped APSA Educate, and collaborated in small groups. Their original materials are showcased next to related APSA resources in this special Educate collection. APSA's Teaching & Learning thanks all our symposium participants for their contributions.

Please browse, use, and, if inspired, contribute your own materials. 

In This Special Collection

Classroom Approaches

The why and what to think about ahead of the semester.

'Four Corners'

Building an inclusive and engaged classroom on day one.

Civic Exercises

Connecting students to politics.

Course Content

Browse curated course content.

Example Syllabi

Explore sample course syllabi.

Symposium Details

Read the symposium co-facilitators symposium summary and meet the cohort.

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