Teaching American Politics: Civic Exercises

View additional American politics simulations, games, activities and assignments from APSA Educate below. 

Have an American politics active learning assignment or simulation you would like to contribute? Submit your resource or educate@apsanet.org. This page will be regularly updated and the subtitle curation may change as additional resources are added. Last Updated: July 11, 2022

Single Class Activities

Rachel Bzostek Walker - Creating a Political Party and Platform Activity

Rachel Bzostek Walker - Creating a Government Class Assignment

Rachel Bzostek Walker - Amending the Constitution Activity

Richard Holtzman - Mapping Policy Issues: A Simple, Active-Learning Exercise for Critical Thinking

Asynchronous / Virtual Activities

Tiffany Cartwright - Student Assignment on Civil Liberties and Civil Rights – WWII Internment Camps

Cammy Shay - Saving Our Fiscal Ship with Writing Assignment

Elsa Dias - American Politics Service Learning Assignment

John McMahon - Student Podcast Assignment

 Emily Sydnor - Voter Education Assignment

Wilsar Johnson - Budgeting for the Future

Ryan Emenaker - Hypothetical on Free Exercise Clause (Group Activity)

SNF Angora Case Studies

Peter Levine - Social Movement Case Study with Assignments: The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Peter Levine - Social Movement Case Study with Assignments: The ISIAH Trash Referendum

Elizabeth McKenna and Hahrie Han - The AMOS Project and the Campaign for Universal Preschool

Multi-Class & Semester Long Activities

Patrick Stewart - Citizenship Quest - Game Instructions, Role-playing random identity and nationality generator

Renée Van Vechten -  Learn by doing: A bill passage simulation for Intro to American Politics students

Kimberly Saks McManaway - Service Guarantees Citizenship: American Politics Assignment

Emily Sweet-Cushman - Want to Build Students’ Civic Engagement? Teach Them How to Use Social Media

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