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*We are currently accepting applications for our Spring 2022 Virtual Symposium: "Teaching Introduction to American Government"*

Call For Proposals 

Start the Application Here - Deadline February 11, 2022

2022 Schedule

"Teaching Introduction to American Government"
Co-leaders: Casey Dominguez (University of San Diego) & Elizabeth Norell(Chattanooga State Community College)
March 2022, virtual

Call For Proposals 

Start Application Here - Deadline February 11, 2022

"Teaching Race, Ethnicity & Politics"
Co-leaders: Christopher Stout (Oregon State University) & Natalie Masuoka (University of California, Los Angeles)
April 2022, virtual
(space filled)

"Teaching Political Science at Community Colleges"
Summer 2022
Call For Proposals To Be Announced

"Class & Inequality"
Laura Bucci (St. Joseph University)
Summer 2022
Call For Proposals To Be Announced

Teaching Introduction to Global Politics & Women's Global Politics
Co-leaders: Malliga Och (Idaho State University) & Amy Atchison (Valparaiso State University)
Fall 2022
Call For Proposals To Be Announced

Past Events

"Innovative Approaches to Online Learning"
Summer 2020, virtual
Co-leaders: Rebecca A. Glazier (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) and Veronica Reyna (Houston Community College)
View the Orientation Packet Here

View Teaching Resource Collection Here

“Teaching Comparative Politics”
June 3-5, 2019
Co-leaders: Laura Seay (Colby College) and Julie George (Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY)
View Comparative Politics Symposium Schedule

“Teaching Research Methods to Undergraduates”
March 14-16, 2019
Co-leaders: Mitchell Brown (Auburn University) and Biko Koenig(Franklin & Marshall College)
Research Methods Symposium Schedule

Clipperton, et al. (2019) “SOTL Research Design for Assessment of Interventions” (working paper)

“Teaching Political Theory”
November 1-4, 2018
Co-leaders: Amber Knight (University of North Carolina, Charlotte) and Lee Trepanier (Saginaw State University)

"Teaching American Government"
Spring 2018
Co-leaders: Andrew Rudalevige (Bowdoin College), and Caroline Tolbert (University of Iowa)

"Introducing International Relations"
Spring 2017
Co-leaders: Victor Asal (University at Albany, SUNY) and Joyce Kaufman (Whittier College)

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