Teaching Race, Ethnicity, and Politics: Resource Set One

Identity, Discrimination, and Inequality

Victor Asal, Angel Saavedra Cisneros and Rachel Yon designed our first set of active learning resources and exercises. These classroom exercises are intended to get students to think more critically about issues tied to identity, discrimination, and inequality. In each of their blog posts the authors describe the activity and provide instructions for how these exercises can be implemented in the classroom. Angel Saavedra Cisneros also included a list of additional in-class exercises that educators could use to teach about racial politics.

Rachel Yon - Space Traders: A Classroom Simulation

Derrick Bell’s Space Traders, set in the year 2000, posits a modern-day choice of how valuable people are in comparison to resources.

Victor Asal - The Identity Exercise

Students often have a hard time understanding the challenges others face in society related to identities like race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and religion.

Victoria Wilson - Race and Ethnic Politics in Pop Culture

A curated list of Race and Ethnic Politics in popular culture.

Additional Identity, Discrimination, and Inequality Resources

Vanessa Stout, Kelsy Kretschmer, and Christopher Stout, "The Continuing Significance of History: An-Active Learning Simulation to Teach about the Origins of Inequality," Journal of Political Science Education, 2005 (download the supplemental teaching tool here)

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