Politics, Groups, and Identities: #Black Lives Matter Micro-Syllabus

Politics, Groups, and Identities, managed by the Western Political Science Association, is one of political science’s leading academic journals. The journal editors put together a micro-syllabus and an accompanying introduction, published in the Washington Post’s “Monkey Cage.” The reading list is un-gated and free to read through August 2020.

Here’s How to Teach Black Lives Matter” Washington Post, June 11, 2020.


#Black Lives Matter Micro-Syllabus” Politics, Groups, Identity.

Both the Washington Post article and Micro-syllabus are the work of:

Nadia Brown, associate professor of political science at Purdue University

Ray Block Jr., associate professor of political science at Pennsylvania State University

Christopher Stout, associate professor of political science Oregon State University


Educate’s #BLM resource collection is part of APSA’s Diversity and Inclusion Program initiative to amplify research and teaching on systemic racism and social justice.

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