Bridges over Troubled Waters: The Challenges and Opportunities of Peer Tutoring Politics

October 28, 2021
Political Science Educator: volume 25, issue 1

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Olivia Antonson, Peer Tutor

Erika Cornelius Smith, Associate Professor of Political Science and International Relations, Nichols College

Whether the polis is, in an Aristotelian sense, natural or crafted, it requires leadership …

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Teaching Constitutional Law Within Political Science Departments: Sacrificing Traditional Breadth to Achieve Political Science Goals

October 19, 2020

Donna K. Axel • New Jersey City University

This essay originally appeared in the Political Science Educator, August 2008.  

The political science major has shifted its focus from “promoter of substantive knowledge to an emphasis on skills, such as …

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Public Administration with a Comparative Focus: Comparison for the Purpose of Identifying Public Purpose

October 19, 2020

Nancy E. Wright • Long Island University – Brooklyn

This essay originally appeared in the Political Science Educator’s December 2006 edition.

 American university students typically have two paths by which to take courses in public administration—through a department or school …

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Does Your Online Course Perpetuate Institutional Discrimination?

August 21, 2020

Veronica Reyna, Professor & Associate Chair of the Department of Government, Houston Community College

Not me.  Not in my course.  I protest, sign petitions, and even teach about injustice!   Sound familiar?  Many of us would never believe that we …

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