Political Science Educator, volume 25, issue 2

The newsletter of APSA’s Political Science Education Organized Section.

winter 2022


Colin Brown (Northeastern University) & Matt Evans (Northwest Arkansas Community College)

Table of Contents


The Teacher-Scholar


The January 6th Insurrection and the Civic Education Imperative

Elizabeth A. Bennion



Using Online Anonymous Participation Technology to Encourage Undergraduate Course Engagement

Mark Benton & Elizabeth Dorssom

Explaining Open Educational Resources

Josh Franco

ThinkTank.edu: A Surprising, Positive Outgrowth of the Pandemic for Teachers and Scholars

Paige Johnson Tan

Simulations In An Alien Environment Of COVID-19: The Role Practice Tests Play In Preparing For The Real Exam

John A. Tures



Cultivating Civil Political Discourse for Our Democratic Future

David J. Hurley, Kayla C. Isenbletter, & Elizabeth A. Bennion

Using Simulations to Promote Active Learning about Local, State, and National Government

Kayla C. Isenbletter, David J. Hurley, & Elizabeth A. Bennion

Adapting to New Realities: A Review of The New PhD: How to Build a Better Graduate Education

Nick Kapoor

For more information or to submit materials to the newsletter, contact co-editors Colin Brown (Northeastern University) and Matt Evans (Northwest Arkansas Community College) at editor.pse.newsletter@gmail.com.

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