To support professional collaborations and produce cutting-edge teaching resources.

Proposals for grants up to $15,000

DEADLINE: January 5, 2021 at 12:00 midnight EDT.

The American Political Science Association seeks proposals from members for projects that will bring together political science faculty from different institutions in the same geographic area to share expertise and produce cutting-edge teaching resources. PI’s will lead the organization of a series of meetings that will bring a larger group of local faculty together, allow for the sharing of best practices and innovations, and produce new teaching materials and new ties between faculty in the area.

Materials produced through Pedagogical Partnerships will be featured in APSA’s new online teaching library, APSA Educate.

All Pedagogical Partnerships proposals must include at least one PI from a community college and one organizer from a research-intensive institution.

Pedagogical Partnership grants have four inter-related aims:

  1. To create partnerships among colleagues at different kinds of higher education institutions.
  2. To support faculty in generating cutting-edge teaching materials highlighting best practices and/or innovations, and recent political science research.
  3. To assist faculty at more research-intensive institutions in teaching and mentoring first-generation, under-represented minority, and economically disadvantaged students in ways they might not otherwise have done.
  4. To enable colleagues at more teaching-intensive institutions to teach materials that they would not otherwise have the time or inclination to teach.

Application Information

Pedagogical Partnership applications must include the following components:

  • Cover page (1-page single spaced maximum) including:
    1. Project title
    2. Total budget request (maximum $15,000)
    3. PI names and APSA numbers
    4. Project abstract
  • Project Proposal (3-page single-spaced maximum) including identification of theme, information about participants, plans for events, workflow, outcomes and deliverables, and discussion of inclusivity and institutionalization.
  • Line-item Budget (1-page maximum).
  • PI CVs

For more information on these components, please visit:

Award Timeline and Further Guidance: Complete applications received by the January 5, 2020 deadline will be reviewed by the end of February and we expect to notify applicants of award decisions then. All grants made will be subject to the same terms and conditions of APSA grants administered through the Centennial Center, including the following requirements:

  • APSA membership for PI’s must be active for the duration of the grant period, normally 12 months.
  • Grant funds may be used for direct costs in support of the described projects, such as technology needs, staff or RA support, food and/or per diems, and honoraria for participants.
  • Grant funds may not be used for indirect or overhead costs.
  • At the time that grants are made, a timeline for fund use will be agreed upon. Normally, grants are for a period of 12 months with the option of a 6-month extension, as needed and if requested prior to the expiry of the grant.
  • Grants must be accepted and administered by the home institution of a project PI. If you would like to apply but do not have an institution willing to administer funds, please get in touch with the Centennial Center staff (see below). 


The maximum allowed funding request is $15,000.  For the current (2020-2021) cycle, all proposed activities must be virtual.

To apply, please review our FAQ, prepare the required components (listed above) and complete the application form at: 

Please get in touch with any questions or for more information! Contact the Centennial Center at


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