Political Science Educator: Fall 2020, vol. 24, issue 2

APSA’s Political Science Education section’s newsletter.

Table of Contents


Message from Section President

Terry Gilmour

The Teacher-Scholar Column

Rethinking the Role of the University in Promoting Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement

Elizabeth A. Bennion, Ph.D.

Community College Voices

Using Elections to Teach Civic Engagement

T.M. Sell

Featured Essays

Breaking it Down: Writing a Doctoral Dissertation Prospectus     

Susan E. Baer

Should Professors Remain Nonpartisan in the Classroom?

Mark Carl Rom


The Political Science Educator is a publication of the APSA Organized Section on Political Science Education.  Copyright 2020, American Political Science Association.  All rights reserved.

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Bobbi Gentry, Newsletter Editor


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