Understanding the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Political Scientists are investigating the current Russo-Ukraine War from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and angles. We curated the following selection of resources, mixing public scholarship with recent research from APSA's flagship journals, to showcase how our discipline investigates complex political topics such as international relations, state development, conflict and war, human rights, technology, nationalism, and sovereignty. We also hope this resource can be of use to political science instructors who are often tasked with teaching current events outside their immediate specialization.

APSA thanks Cambridge University Press for making the following journal articles available ungated until the end of May 2022.

Public Scholarship

PS: Political Science & Politics

Perspectives on Politics

Making Embedded Knowledge Transparent: How the V-Dem Dataset Opens New Vistas in Civil Society ResearchMichael BernhardDong-Joon JungEitan TzelgovMichael CoppedgeStaffan I. Lindberg / 2017

American Political Science Review

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