Revamped Civics Resources to Reinvigorate Your Political Science Courses Ahead of the 2024 election

curation from Bill Waychunas

APSA's RAISE the Vote Campaign was originally a special initiative organized to coincide with the 2020 U.S. election. You can access the campaign's complete digital archive here. Ahead of the 2024 national election APSA invited early career civic education scholar Bill Waychunas to review and curate the existing Raise the Vote campaign resources from a fresh perspective.

Navigating the Challenges of Political Discussion in the Classroom

Browse this guide for some ideas and tips to help lead inclusive and engaged classroom discussion.

Civic Games in the Political Science Classroom

Check out these materials to help students simulate the struggles, institutions, and processes that that inform America's governing system.

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Experiential Learning in Political Science Courses

Explore tools spotlighting how to help get your students to apply their coursework and knowledge outside the classroom.


Getting Students Engaged with State and Local Politics

As the old phrase goes, "all politics is local." Find tools and resources to either incorporate local and state political issues into national, comparative and institutional courses, or reinvigorate your existing state and local course.


Taking Essays to the Next Level in Political Science Classrooms

Writing is a process necessitating reflection, comprehension, and pain. Browse ideas to make your writing assignments politically purposeful, connecting students to civil society and government.

Select Additional Civic Engagement Resources

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