Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement for Teachers Course Syllabus

Published: Feb 5, 2021
Contributor: Carah Ong Whaley

License: CC BY NC SA 4.0 license – Allows revisions and additions but forbids commercial use.

This course examines scholarship and models of political learning and civic engagement to develop learning initiatives in P-16 curriculum. Through academic study, dialogues with practitioners, case studies, site visits, and hands-on activities, students will develop a critical understanding of the underlying theories and key ideas central to civic learning and democratic engagement, including: democracy, justice, “citizenship”, “community,” equity and inclusion, deliberation, compromise, mutual respect/civility, social capital, civic leadership, political knowledge, and efficacy. To promote creative approaches to teaching and learning to address public issues, coursework includes: weekly responses to assigned course readings; development of a civic learning module to be incorporated in curriculum; and engagement in experiential learning activities organized by the course facilitators.

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