Migration and Citizenship: Syllabi Bank

Welcome to APSA Educate's Migration and Citizenship Organized Section Syllabi Bank Feature

APSA's Migration and Citizenship Section brings together political scientists working on issues of migration and citizenship, to promote teaching and research in the field, and encourage communication among political scientists and scholars in related disciplines, including policy and other professionals, domestically and internationally. For over a decade now this section's leadership has maintained an active syllabi collection to facilitate collaboration between political science educators interested in teaching immigration and citizenship materials. To further showcase this section's work across the wider discipline, APSA Educate is pleased to feature this collaboration. Updated in coordination with section leadership at the beginning of each academic year, this page showcases direct links to the Migration and Citizenships' latest submissions and highlights its subject and topic curation.

Last Update: March 21, 2023

Sections provide membership with outlets for research and opportunities for scholarship. They have become a vital part of the Association by sponsoring panels at the Annual Meeting, producing informative newsletters, and recognizing scholarly achievements of their members. To join this Section, check the Migration and Citizenship box when joining the American Political Science Association or renewing your Association membership. You may join APSA online at http://www.apsanet.org/ or contact membership@apsa.com

APSA Educate currently features collaborations with four Organized Sections. Does your Organized Section have an existing syllabi or resource collection APSA Educate can feature? Please write educate@apsanet.org No collection is too old, or too small to not feature.
We can mark older collections as such, and they can serve as a representation of our knowledge at that moment. APSA staff can help generate interest and carry out solicitations for new materials.
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