Building an Inclusive Syllabus: webinar & resources

This Wednesday, October 27, 2021, APSA event featured expert panelists providing practical tips and suggestions for political science educators to deliberately build a classroom environment where all students have equal access to knowledge. The discussion also highlighted tools to build courses that are representative of the contributions of historically excluded scholars, and assignments or activities that present crucial introductory political science content to an increasingly diverse undergraduate student body, as well as strategies senior scholars, departments, universities, and associations can pursue to support political science educators already doing and interested in pursuing inclusive teaching practices. A brief review of this webinar was published in the February 2022 edition of Political Science Today. You may read “Tools to Expand Political Science Education,” by Jasmine Scott and Bennett Grubbs, here.

Supplemental Resources:

  1. Tracey Addy, et. al. Who’s In Class Survey: A Tool for Fostering Inclusion,”  & “What Inclusive Instructors Do?” Center for Integration of Learning, Teaching & Scholarship.
  2. Luci Englert McKean & Michelle Mattoon, “Student Hopes & Fears Activity,” National School Reform Faculty.
  3. Luci Englert McKean & Michelle Mattoon, “Setting Agreements Activity,” National School Reform Faculty.
  4. Linda Hasunuma, “Creating Brave & Inclusive Spaces for Challenging Discussions,” Center for the Advancement in Teaching, Temple University.
  5. Geoff Pfeifer & Elisabeth A. Stoddard, “Asset Mapping and Team Processing Handbook,” Worcester Polytechnic Institute.
  6. Kevin Kelly, “Peralta Online Equity Rubric,” Peralta Community College District. Rubric to assess your online courses accessibility.
  7. Veronica Reyna, “Social Justice Check List for Online Courses” and “Does Your Online Course Perpetuate Institutional Discrimination.”
  8. Kimberly Mealy & Jasmine Scott, “Resources for Addressing Systemic Racism & Social Justice,” APSA Diversity & Inclusion Programs.
  9. Victor Asal & Bennett Grubbs, “The JPSE-Educate Inclusive Classroom Reading List.”
  10. “Inclusive Teaching,” Libraries & Academic Innovation, The George Washington University.

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