APSA Presidential Task Force on Rethinking Political Science Education

On September XX 2021 John Ishiyama announced the formation of an APSA Presidential Taskforce on Rethinking the Political Science Education. Continuing the work of the 2019 conference, "Rethinking the Political Science Undergraduate Major," President Ishiyama's Task Force will convene regularly through the 2023-2023 academic year to produce a major report and recommendations, scholarly publications, and supplemental materials. Please navigate the collection below to stay up to date with the Taskforce, meet the cohort of distinguished scholar-educators, read previous committee reports and publications, and browse its teaching resources.


APSA President, 2021- 2022

John Ishiyama, University of North Texas

Task Force Members

Meet The Presidential Task Force

Executive Summary, Recommendations, Introduction

Undergraudate Subcommittee

Why and how should undergraduates study political science education?

Graduate Subcommittee

Explore the Graduate Subcommittee reports and resources.

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