Politics In The Time Of Global Pandemic – Forum Network Series – Militarization And US Policy — Costs, Consequences, And COVID-19

Published: Dec 4, 2020
Contributor: Rachael Cobb

License: CC BY NC ND 4.0 license – Allows redistribution but no additions or revisions to content. Forbids commercial use.

Many argue that the Trump Doctrine in foreign policy has been characterized by a retreat from global leadership in multilateral institutions, abandonment of traditional diplomacy, strained relationships with allies, and an enhanced projection of military strength. The response to the coronavirus pandemic has been similar; an insistence on going solo. What have been the costs and consequences of an over-reliance on the militarization of U.S. policy abroad and at home? What role should the military play in U.S. democracy and how has the pandemic impacted our ability to respond to national security threats, both traditional and new, such as COVID-19 and climate change?

“Politics in the Time of Global Pandemic” is a Suffolk University lecture series presented with the Ford Hall Forum and WGBH Forum Network. It is designed as a broad examination of the themes of interest to political scientists and public policy experts. The series is part of a novel online course offered to incoming Suffolk students and made available to the public.

This week, Andrew Bacevich, president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft, joins Michal Ben-Joseph Hirsch, an assistant professor in the Political Science & Legal Studies Department at Suffolk University.

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