Politics In The Time Of Global Pandemic – Forum Network Series – How Will COVID-19 Change National Security?

Published: Dec 4, 2020
Contributor: Rachael Cobb

License: CC BY NC ND 4.0 license – Allows redistribution but no additions or revisions to content. Forbids commercial use.

The idea that a pandemic would threaten our national security has been a known threat for many years. The only questions were when, in what form, how bad and how do we prepare?

As we cope with the ravages of the COVID-19 outbreak, new questions emerge: Will the world after COVID be more or less dangerous? Will the U.S. role in the world be more important, or less? How can we best protect the integrity and safety of our elections during this crisis and, by extension, the integrity of our democracy? How do we best protect the most vulnerable among us? There is work to do if we are to retain readiness to deal with other crises and prevent economic insecurity from fueling destabilization, desperation and disruption. Our discussion this week examines how the pandemic is changing the landscape of National Security.

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